Happy Holi

It’s a festival of colours. I’ve been seeing it right from my school days. My classmates would come in different shades of pink and red and green and it used to be quite a sight to see. And after all these years I got to witness firsthand at how much fun this entire activity was... Continue Reading →

Life on the IT highway

Two days back to back on the IT highway and I’ve already made a list of things to get and sort out ! The hibernation of being at home all these years was interesting. It brought a different perspective to work, life and priorities. And this new approach of hybrid working is adding a whole... Continue Reading →

Thally, Speed, Happiness

A motorcycle is a form of art - a feeling of expression - a feeling of liberation. I felt that first hand last weekend. It was a short ride - about 350 kms one way to a small town in Hosur called " Thally". Nestled in the B-roads of hosur and surrounded by hills, Thally... Continue Reading →

Peace and quiet

In this busy schedule of a life we all live in, we don’t really find the time to do all that we want. There are several compromises. Several shortcomings . But in all of this - some things become clear. We need to turn on that filter that helps us find the few minutes of... Continue Reading →

RM 23

Just a few days more. And suprisingly RERAM. Might I say that I am quite looking forward to it. Jalebi and I would love to take that trip. Zoom through the highways - into the misty mountains, freezing my nut sack and braving the winds on my chest. But in the busy scheme of things... Continue Reading →


And the ticking clock seems to be moving quite fast. Methinks it is a placebo. It moves the way we want it to and how we prioritise it. 10 days into the new year and the nitro boost hasnt slowed down. Methinks this pattern will continue for a while and then skyrocket into the galaxies.... Continue Reading →

Cheerio 2022

Here we are..at the cusp of a new year. That is 365 of unlimited happiness, prosperity and joy. The last 365 has been nothing short of interesting. Filled with so many adventures, exciting times, every day was a constant reminder that God is in complete control of one's life and any challenge whatsoever can be... Continue Reading →


It is quite that magical month of the year. The air is snippy, the festivities are in full swing, everyone seems cheerful and there is a fresh breath in the air. It is also a great year to look back and see how far we have come. Given today's scenario of so many ups and... Continue Reading →

An ode to the sun

And it is the weekend. It did not feel like a Friday evening yesterday. There is no difference between a Monday and a Friday cause the way the world is spinning these days. Work and life are banging on the door - non fucking stop. BUT that said and done, it feels good to sit... Continue Reading →

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