An ode to the sun

And it is the weekend. It did not feel like a Friday evening yesterday. There is no difference between a Monday and a Friday cause the way the world is spinning these days. Work and life are banging on the door - non fucking stop. BUT that said and done, it feels good to sit... Continue Reading →

MBMC 20 A – From here to more !

20 huh? Pretty notable milestone by any standards and for a motley crew like us - a huge one. It was a brilliant 24 hours. But somehow it felt longer than that. Does anyone else echo that feeling? And we did it! Through thick and thin, storm and pandemic. Stuck together like peas in a... Continue Reading →

Watches !

Supposed to meant to tell the time - a commodity most of us don’t have handy, the timepiece has now become a piece of jewellery for men and women alike. I picked up an Apple Watch for one of my birthdays a couple years ago and that was probably the last time I wore a... Continue Reading →

Stories – one at a time.

Felt good posting up again. Tired of the social media channels, the new story feature on WordPress seems like an interesting fresh feeling to an already old feature. But it works for me. I like the way they have married the story to a post feature. Should be interesting how it evolves or I adapt... Continue Reading →

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